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At first consultation, I listen to your herbal requirements, and assess your overall physical, mental and emotional health. This takes 60 minutes, involving a detailed case history taking, exploring your current condition, past medical history, family history, medications, constitution, lifestyle, diet, and carrying out physical examinations where relevant.

A herbal prescription and treatment plan is discussed and given alongside lifestyle and nutritional advice, with consideration of contraindications with any current supplements or prescribed medications you may be on or alongside other treatments you may be receiving from other health care professionals. These can be made up for you within 20-30min of your appointment subject to availability or available to collect or posted within 3 working days.

Working alongside a team of trusted and qualified complementary therapists, I may refer you to appropriate practitioners as needed for a more comprehensive holistic health care program. Where relevant, I may recommend GP visits or further private sample testings where further investigations and diagnoses are required, such as for allergies, food sensitivities, gut health, and liver function.

A repeat visit to check your progress is 30-60min and usually 2-4 weeks after the first visit. Future follow ups are arranged to monitor inprovements in health and amend the herbal prescription and dosages as required.

Please allow approximately 30min after your consultation for your prescription to be made or come back to collect it at a more convenient time. For home visit appointments, prescriptions will be posted to you or available for collection the next working day after the appointment. Repeat prescriptions can be made with 48 hours notice.

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