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Holistic Full Body Massage
Therapeutic whole body massage has been noted in history as far back as 3000 BC in China.

Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) developed what is now known as 'Swedish' massage, based on his observations of massage treatments while travelling in China, combining his Western training in gymnastics and physiology with his research of Egyptian, Greek and Roman massage techniques. 

In my massage practice, I tailor each holistic treatment for your individual needs using therapeutic organic oils. A variety of techniques are used with varying pressures, such as kneading, stoking, friction, vibration, tapping, rotations and stretching, to promote physical and psychological benefits.

A personalised combination of these techniques may help to promote relaxation, improve circulation, nourish the nervous system, aid a deep sleep, reduce stress, encourage healthy lymphatic flow and detoxification, relieve fatigue and boost energy levels. 

Regular treatments may be useful to help address longer term muscular and joint tension from repetitive physical strain caused by daily activities, exercise and work-related tension, improving mobility, muscle and skin tone, and give much needed time to switch off and simply unwind.

Holistic Body Massage ~ 120min, 90min, 60min or 30min appointments

Indian Head Massage

I offer deeply relaxing and reviving Indian Head Massage treatments with therapeutic herbal balms and oils.

Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapy focusing on releasing tension from head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and face. It is very soothing to the nervous system bringing benefits of improved circulation to the scalp and enhances sleep.

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Indian Head Massage ~ 60min, 45min or 30min appointments

Holistic Organic Facial Massage

These treatments include a skin care assessment and uses a wide organic natural Neal's Yard Remedies facial products carefully selected for your individual skin requirement.

Facial massage is deeply relaxing and soothing to your nervous system. Drift away under cozy blankets while I give you a personalised facial treatment that offers balance and restoration to the whole body. Leave feeling blissed out, revived, refreshed and renewed.

Holistic Organic Facials60min